Easily sell tickets to your live or virtual events using WordPress and WooCommerce.

So… What does EventTicketsWC do exactly?

Well, to be honest it doesn’t exist yet, but it is something I am considering building after having worked with several ticketing solutions for WordPress & WooCommerce recently.

Easy to get set up

You’d be surprised the hoops that you get forced to jump through while setting up some ticketing solutions. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Optimized for Virtual Events

If your event is a virtual one we’ll give you quick access to relevant attendee information (emails, names, etc).

Optimized for Live Events

Email a ticket to each attendee… or just to the person who purchases the ticket. EventTicketsWC will have a simple check-in process.

Check-in however works best for you

Check your live event attendees in within the WP admin area. Or download the iOS & Android apps and use a bluetooth scanner.

And much more… eventually…

The initial project is to get a good core functionality built out and available. There are other things that could definitely be added to enhance the Event Ticketing + WooCommerce + WordPress experience.

Sound Interesting?

Let’s start a conversation about what EventTicketsWC might do for you!